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The Ennoavtion Hub is a new networking service to connect all our members with full-time jobs, side jobs, entrepreneurial projects, night life & weekend events, and networking contacts. Entrepreneurship Club Faculty Advisor Dr. Jeremy Woods runs the service with the help of his personal assistant Peter Burley and a couple student assistants and alumni volunteers. Peter's email address is We’re going to start reaching out  to club members regularly over the course of the year with new opportunities, but you’re welcome to call or email Peter anytime if there’s a specific type of opportunity or networking contact you’d like us to find for you!


Over the past two and a half years, we've helped bring roughly 60 students together with both small and entrepreneurially-oriented larger businesses for part-time, paid hourly work and full-time positions after graduation, and those students have earned over $400,000 for the work they've done over that time (over $175k for the part-time work and nearly $250k for the full-time positions). The number of students we're connecting with jobs keeps increasing every year, and we'd like to help you get whatever job you're interested in!

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Over the past year, our virtual incubator has provided assistance to over 30 ventures and helped bring in nearly $100,000 worth of in-kind support and seed funding. With a brand new Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at CSUB opening this spring, we're going to be working with more entrepreneurs than ever looking to turn ideas into microbusinesses and microbusinesses into scalable success stories. Let us help connect you with the resources and contacts you need to help turn dreams into reality!

Entrepreneurial Opportunities.png

Night Life & Weekend Events

CSUB virtual venture incubator participant U-Bites is probably our greatest success story to date, and they're taking their venture to the next level by organizing and promoting various night life & weekend events around Bakersfield. Download their app from the App Store or Google Play and come join us for something you'll enjoy!


Networking Referrals

Entrepreneurship Club Faculty Advisor Jeremy Woods has connected hundreds of students with professionals from his 2,000+ person global contact for the past decade. He's now organized a LinkedIn Group for all his former students and invites you to join the group, browse through his LinkedIn contacts, and let us know anyone who you'd like to talk with. We're happy to introduce you!

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