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Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Internship Program


Over the course of the semester, you will participate in a series of short workshops focused on sustainable entrepreneurship skills to prepare you for biomass innovation internships with local ag, energy, and aerospace companies.


We accomplish our vision by:

  • Facilitating student projects, internships, & full-time job opportunities with local small & entrepreneurially-oriented larger businesses.


  • Organizing guest lectures, speaker panels, & recruiting events.


  • Supporting student, faculty, and community start-up ventures with mentorship, resources, and access to potential partners & investors.


  • Conducting commercializable thought leadership research.

Membership & Activities

We are currently the largest student club on the CSUB campus, with meetings of 25-50 core members every two weeks, over 350 active members who have attended various events in the last year, and over 2,000 listserv subscribers – students who are interested in working together with local entrepreneurial employers and building businesses.

Over the past year we've hosted two major venture competitions, a small business recruiting fair, and over 10 speaker events, lectures, & training sessions on a variety of topics, and we're just getting warmed up. Stay tuned for an upcoming shark tank-style event and other cool new activities in the coming weeks and months!

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